The Client Accelerator

Get clear on your niche, confident in your offer, and fill your funnel with perfect future clients…

So that you can finally begin generating consistent monthly income in

your online service-based, coaching or consulting business.

7 Day Refund Guarantee


I’m just so grateful for Rebecca and a program that actually works. Her content is so thoughtfully planned out and doesn’t have missing pieces that leave you thinking how do I put this all together? I have paid tons for other programs that got me nowhere. I finally see all the pieces fitting together & my resilience paying off!”  

– Gina DeAngelis

Here’s The Harsh Truth…

Finding clients online is not as simple as creating a website, posting a few times on social media and hoping for the best. Spoiler alert: it involves a more comprehensive strategy than that.

Here’s what I know…

❌ You’re exhausted from watching hundreds of YouTube videos trying to piece together a marketing strategy from a bunch of so-called gurus.

❌ You feel defeated after scrolling through your competitor’s Instagram feed in the name of “market research” only to feel discouraged that you will never be as successful as they are.

❌ You’re overwhelmed by all the tips, tactics, and advice out there and you just want a clear strategy from someone who actually knows how to bring in consistent leads for their online business.

❌ You’re frustrated because you’ve done all the things you thought you were supposed to do, but you still feel lost.

❌ You’re confused about the first or next step you are supposed to take to get your business off the ground and start making money.

I get it because I was once there too!

That is why you need to have the right marketing strategy for your online business or you will constantly be trowing spaghetti at the wall and praying something sticks.  

And the reality is…
 no clients = no business! 

But I Have Good News For You!

How would it feel to have…

✅ A clear step by step plan to follow and see results fast.  I don’t want you to waste years (yes, years) like I did trying to figure out how to build your business and find clients online.

✅ A clearly defined niche so you know exactly who you serve & the problem they need solving.  Many of my clients think they are clear on this until they go through my training (hint: your marketing will become so easy when you have identified your client niche!)

✅ An offer that is created specifically for your perfect future client and the problem they need solved so you can give them the transformation they desire and in turn they sing your praises to everyone they know (can you say referrals?  Yeah!!!)

✅ A refined brand & messaging that will attract the right audience to your offer and get them to raise their hands and say take my money now please!

✅ A simple pricing package that not only helps you reach your income goals (no more hourly jobs!) but also makes your clients excited to work with you because they will understand the value you provide.

✅ A confident content strategy that will help you get seen by your perfect future clients and nurture them through automated email sequences so you can sell your offers and fill up your calendar without being strapped to your laptop 24/7.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

It’s Actually A Reality That Is Closer Than You Think.

Hi there!  I’m Rebecca, a business & marketing strategist and founder of Simple Business Startup!

When I started out as a new entrepreneur in 2003, I had no idea what I was doing and at the time I didn’t have experience building a business or finding clients. 

I spent hours researching the best ways to find clients, how to build a solid foundation for growth, and how to create and package offers that would bring in revenue. It was exhausting and I made a promise to myself that if I ever did figure it all out, someday I would make it my mission to teach other women how to build an online business.

After several years (yes years!) of trying to figure out how to build a service-based business, I finally built a solid foundation and developed a simple system that would generate consistent clients and income.  

But then the pandemic hit and I lost all of my clients and I had to pivot my business and start over once again.

There were so many shiny objects out there and everything sounded so exciting and so important.

After purchasing my fair share of products and courses

ranging from $27 to $5000 I finally realized 2 things:


There’s A Simple Solution To reaching—And Signing–The Exact Clients You Want To Serve In Your Business!

It’s the secret to a consistent flow of leads and sales so you never have to wonder where your next client will come from or if you will hit your income goals this month.

So what is this powerful secret? Magnetic Marketing!

It makes sense right?  It’s the thing you need, the strategy you are trying to learn on your own, and the aspect of your business that confuses you the most.  You ask yourself:  Which platform should I be on?  Where are my clients hanging out online?  How do I find the right people to work with me?

Your marketing will make or break your business and it should be the number one thing you focus on this year.  It doesn’t matter how amazing and life-changing your offer is, if people don’t know you exist they will never get to experience your brilliance!

The best thing?

Once you have your marketing nailed, and systems

in place to generate consistent leads, it saves You

so much time and energy!

(Time You can spend with your family or

doing the things you love 🥰)

So how does it work exactly?

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

Get Clear On Your Niche, Confident In Your Offer, And Fill Your Funnel With Perfect Future Clients. 

Get Confident

The number one thing I see holding entrepreneurs back from making an income doing what they love is confidence!  You may lack confidence in your offer, your pricing, the niche you serve, the problem you solve for clients or even the framework by which you help your clients achieve success!  Phase one is to help you become secure in each of the areas so you can show up in your power and attract the clients of your dreams.

Build Authority

In order to attract your dream clients you need to be seen as an authority figure in your industry.  This is the next key to attracting consistent leads and building regular income.  This is achieved through a refined message, and strategic content marketing to position yourself as an authority in your niche, and build trust with your client prospects.

Fill Your Funnel

Having a pipeline full of leads ready to be nurtured into paying clients is essential to growing your business.  Without consistent leads coming in you will constantly be on a roller coaster of having clients one month and then none the next. It’s time to exit that ride!  With automated lead generation systems you have consistent leads coming in daily.

Can this really work?

You bet!

This is the exact method I used to take my brand new business from zero clients to fully booked (with a waitlist) in just six months

I gained 🤩 monthly recurring revenue.  No more feast of famine roller coaster with my income.

🎉 I had a waitlist of clients waiting to work with me.

AND THAT all happened in just six months after starting this business 🙌

Welcome to…

The Client Accelerator

The Client Accelerator is the road map you have been looking for to take your business to the next level!   Through the Client Accelerator framework,  I will teach you a complete marketing and lead generation system so you can start attracting and signing your dream clients online.  

7 Day Refund Guarantee



 Here Is What You Will Learn

On The Inside!

Phase 1

In phase one you will become 100% confident in your ability to deliver real-world results for your clients and have a simple package offer that positions you as the expert in your field. This confidence boost will make marketing and sales flow more naturally and position you to start connecting with new leads.



Nail Your Niche

Learn how to identify one target market that you can serve with your offer. 


Irresistible Offer

Create an offer that will solve your target markets #1 problem and give your clients the transformation they desire.


Pricing & Framework

Learn how to competitively price your offer and build a signature framework for delivering this offer to your clients.

Phase 2

In this phase, you will learn how to show up consistently online to serve your audience (this does not mean posting on social media 24/7 or at all).  Through a refined message, and strategic content marketing plan you will have a system for positioning yourself as an authority in your niche, and building trust with your client prospects with methods that feel in alignment with you.



Refine Your Message

Create messaging for your business that clearly articulates to your clients what you do, who you help, and the problems you solve for them.


Content That Converts

Content marketing is a crucial aspect of your business and will help your ideal customer relate to you.


Conversion Lead Magnet

In this lesson I will teach you how to craft a strategic lead magnet that will lead seamlessly into your paid offer.

Phase 3

Learn the process for building a sales funnel and generating consistent leads so you will always have your sales pipeline filled with prospective clients.  It is time to end the roller coaster of having clients one month but none the next.  



Audience Attraction

Build a simple sales funnel to begin filling your client pipeline with consistent leads.


Email Nurture

Learn how to set up an email nurture system to take interested client prospects through your sales funnel from Attention, to Interest, to Desire, and — finally — to Action.


Simple Sales

Learn the simple four-part framework that will take selling from something you dread to possibly the favorite thing you do in your business!

When You Join The Client Accelerator

You Get instant access to

Pre-Recorded “Netflix Style” Trainings

9 modules that provide you with the step-by-step roadmap to teach you strategies that you will use to create a comprehensive marketing plan unique to your business.

Business Template & Swipe File Library

A comprehensive template library with scripts, workbooks, templates, swipe files, social media files, email templates, contracts, client onboarding documents (and so much more) so you don’t have to create your business assets from scratch. This will save you hours!

Tech Training Vault

An ever-growing tech resource library with step-by-step video tutorials so you never feel stuck or defeated by the tech side of running your business.  New tutorials are added often based on student requests.

Exclusive Mastermind Community

 There is no reason to feel alone as you are building your business and through this community, you will experience an amazing group of women who help one another answer questions, give feedback, celebrate wins, and help one another troubleshoot through the tough moments as well.

Daily Coaching Hotline (VIP Option)

Sometimes you just need a little extra support and accountability in your business and that is what the Accelerator Hotline is for!  You can receive daily 1:1 coaching and support just when you need it.  It’s like having me in your back pocket only less creepy!

Live Coaching Calls

Plug into the on-demand training portal and then come to our live coaching calls to deepen your understanding of the lesson.  During these calls you may ask questions, get feedback on your work, and get hotseat coaching to help you move forward in your business.

But wait – there’s more!

Action Taker Bonuses


In this self-paced DIY course, you will learn how to create a client-attracting website on the platform of your choice.  With complete video tutorials, swipe files, and templates you will have everything you need to get your website up and running quickly.


Building an audience can be a slow process so why not leverage the audience someone else built?  In this training, I will teach you how to leverage Joint Venture partnerships to quickly grow your audience and client network.


In this course, I will teach you how to leverage Facebook Ads to generate consistent leads for your business.  This course will remove all of the guesswork about how to leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram ads to grow your business! (Pay In Full Bonus)

Join now and you’ll get instant access to:


On Demand Training Portal


Group Coaching Calls & Hot Seat Sessions


Comprehensive Business Template Library


Tech Training Library


Action Taker Bonuses

Today’s Price = Only $997


1 payment of $997

7 Day Refund Guarantee



7 Day Refund Guarantee



7 Day Refund Guarantee


What They Said…

Testimonials from my students

“Before The Client Accelerator, I felt like my business was just an expensive hobby.  I lacked direction and was all over the place. Now I know exactly what to do and how to execute to move my business forward”- Leslie

“I had taken many courses before but I only got bits and pieces of how to market my business but I couldn’t figure out how to put them together.  The Client Accelerator gave me all of the pieces and put them together in a step-by-step process that helped me build my confidence and launch my business.” – Claudia

“Before this program, I had spent two years trying to build my coaching business.  Now using Rebecca’s program I was able to gain clarity, break through mindset issues, and now I have an offer out there. Having a clear path and a guide made that possible!” – Gina

“You really helped me with my mindset and getting clear about my messaging and the transformation I provide.  The Client Accelerator and your coaching have provided me with a safe space to share my ideas and grow my business” – Nikki

“When I signed up for The Client Accelerator I was really struggling with my marketing and finding clients online.   I’ve learned so much and the accountability really helped. Rebecca over delivers and this has been an amazing experience!” – Rebecca

“This is the foundation I needed to get my business off the ground.  I’m now working with two clients and I’m confident this course is what set me on the path to success!” – Amy

Rebecca is a wealth of business and marketing knowledge! Her content is indispensable and has provided me with valuable resources for my business. As a busy mom, it’s important to me to have a business that is simple to run and fits within my busy lifestyle. Her casual and fun coaching style has helped me learn ways to improve my business and streamline my processes to achieve that. My business would not be where it is today without her expertise.” – Susan Bolliger

As a freshly graduated Health Coach, I needed a lot of help setting up my online business.  I had really no idea where to begin. Rebecca helped me sort through my ideas and helped me focus, also helped me through some mindset barriers. Starting anything new can be overwhelming and I’m happy that Rebecca Coached me through the foundation of my business.” – Erica D. Health & Wellness Coach

I stand by the method and tools shared in this program because they helped to completely change my life and create the business of my dreams!

Join now and you’ll get instant access to:


On Demand Training Portal


Group Coaching Calls & Hot Seat Sessions


Comprehensive Business Template Library


Tech Training Library


Action Take Bonuses

Total Value = $2694

Today’s Price = Only $997


1 payment of $997

7 Day Refund Guarantee



7 Day Refund Guarantee



7 Day Refund Guarantee


Frequently asked questions


A: This program is designed with the early-stage entrepreneur in mind, however, you must have the foundations of your business developed. This includes a business idea, name, entity, etc. Some experience with social media would be helpful but you do not need a website. 


A: While we encourage you to attend the coaching sessions live when your schedule allows, live attendance is not a requirement for success in our program. Each live coaching session will be recorded, and available for you to watch at your convenience.


A: I’m glad you asked!  While the base program offers a ton of support, coaching opportunities, and resources, sometimes you need a little extra accountability in your business. With this in mind I have created The Client Accelerator Hotline. This daily coaching hotline is available to you on demand M-F, 9am-5pm CST. With the hotline you are able to ask a quick question and get real time feedback. Note this option is only for VIP students only. Please see program pricing and options for more details.


A: Any time you invest time and money to work with a coach, there’s a risk. Right? What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s not as good as she said?

So let’s look at the best and worst case scenarios: Best Case: you do the work to complete the program, show up for the coaching calls, and get a ton of accountability along the way. The guesswork is finally taken out of your marketing and you are able to create a strategy that is easy to implement and provides you with consistency in your business. 

You get leads. You sign clients. You add extra monthly recurring revenue. You get new skills, a ton of confidence, and the systems we install mean you can keep growing every month.   That’s the best case.  

But what about the worst case? The worst case is you join the program, check it out for seven days, look through the training materials, and if you find that what is covered in the program is not for you then I will refund your money (minus payment processing fees of 3%) no questions asked. So that way there’s no risk to give it a go and get started, is there? That’s actually two best-case scenarios! 🙂  


A: Live coaching sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Recordings and all other program materials will be delivered digitally through a password-protected client-only site. As soon as you enroll, you’ll be emailed your login information with a username and password.



1.  9 pre-recorded training modules that you can access anytime
2.  Group coaching calls and hot seat sessions 

3.  An extensive library of templates, swipe files, and tools to save you time and money so you don’t have to create everything from scratch or hire a designer to help you
4.  A growing library of tech tutorials so you never feel stuck wondering “how do I do that?”
5.  Private 1-1 daily coaching hotline (VIP students only)
6.  Private FB mastermind community to network and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs
7.  Unlimited access to training materials and future updates
8.  Additional bonuses and materials to support your business journey 


A: Success in this program requires that you take consistent, focused action, that you actually show up, and that you take the time to apply what you are learning and keep moving forward. The bottom line is that you can’t expect The Client Accelerator to magically work for you. You need to do the work. Show up for live coaching sessions. Complete your assignments. Ask questions. Apply what you are learning to your business. That being said, I am completely dedicated to your success—and that means doing whatever I can to support you along the way. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, shoot me an email—I’m happy to help you find the answers.


A: I get it, you’re a busy woman and your plate is full!! This program is designed with that in mind and has been created to provide you with the fastest, simplest route possible to success. With that said, other factors go into place on the time needed to complete the program. These factors include which stage of the program you are currently working on, how quickly you make decisions and implement what you are learning, and the personal speed at which you learn.  


A: Before signing up for The Client Accelerator please do your research and take the time needed to make a thoughtful purchase. This is not a cancel anytime membership.  Your commitment to the program will get you results and a commitment mindset is what you should have to see the most success in your business. With that said, if you join the program, take a look around and decide within SEVEN DAYS that the program is not for you you may cancel for a full refund (minus processing fees of 3%). After the 7 days no refunds will be offered and you will be expected to fulfill your financial commitment.

Rebecca helped me to market, organize and streamline my online business. She has brought consistency and automation to help free up time to focus on what I truly love to do. She helped me with email marketing and my social media platforms. Our calls are extremely productive and I always leave fired up and ready to tackle big things. She has been an incredible blessing! I am looking forward to continuing to work with her..” – Kari C. Health Coach

Today’s Price = Only $977

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.


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